Murphy’s law and One lonely nugget

This morning, after another night of not getting any sleep because of my son Jackson’s(3 months) acid reflux, I made an appt with my doctor. The only availability was right at my daughter Charlie’s(2.5 years) naptime but it was going to be a 10 minute appt, so no big deal.

About 5 minutes before we need to leave, I go to start my SUV and see that my husband took it to work this morning(there had been a huge snow storm yesterday and his car doesn’t handle as well in snow). That wouldn’t have been a problem if he had the spare baby car seat installed in his car.

So I spend the next ten minutes looking everywhere for the base, getting it installed, and getting the kids in the car.

We make it to the doctors just in time, but as I’m getting the kids out of the car, I realize the diaper bag was in MY car. That means no toys to keep my toddler happy, no diapers, wipes, snacks, etc. I was a little annoyed at the situation but, again, it was only supposed to be a 10 minute visit. There were only 3 people in front of me in the waiting room.

90 MINUTES LATER we are finally called back, my son has soaked through his diaper, my daughter is climbing up the walls, and I have a migraine.

We see the doctor for a whopping 5 minutes(I don’t know how it took 90 minutes to get through 3 people when I took 5 😡), I have a prescription for liquid Zantac, and I’m out the door.

I get the kids in and as I’m climbing into the car, I realize I am starving. I always forget to eat during the day because I’m running around feeding the kids and cleaning, so my stomach was grumbling big time.

Pass a McDonald’s on the way home, can’t pass it up and for some reason nuggets sound awesome. Sounds easy peasy right? Yea… well I get up to the window to order and realize that my wallet is ALSO in the other car. I look at the change in the cup holder and figure I have enough for a 6 piece, which is enough for me so no big deal.

I order and then of course I get stuck in the snow on my way to pay. I spend 3 minutes getting unstuck(thank goodness there was no one behind me until the end), and make it up to the window and hand the cashier my pathetic handful of change.

I get my food and I’m so excited to eat that my mouth is actually watering. I open the box, grab a nugget and from the backseat I hear “food please?” I look back and see my daughter staring excitedly at the nugget in my hand. I fed her lunch about an hour before we left but that was now three hours ago so of course she’s hungry again.

Doing the motherly thing, I rip off the top to the box, put half the nuggets in and hand it back to her. Now I’m down to three nuggets. Disappointing but still enough to tide me over until I get home.

I start the drive home and right as I pick up my first nugget I hit a minor patch of ice. Nothing enough to be dangerous but, of course, it was enough to send my two remaining nuggets onto the dirty, slush covered floor under my feet. I felt like crying at this point.

I look in the rear view mirror and see my daughter, happy as can be, with a half eaten nugget in each hand and one already eaten, and I spend the rest of the drive nibbling on my one lonely nugget….

The moral of the story? Don’t ever leave your house. Ever. Just stay home.

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